That's Grace!

Surprising Hannah:


She thinks that we’re meeting her at the end of the week, Friday, in Boston for our #NoFilter show. She doesn’t know that we are coming to Canada to surprise her. And Mamrie brought ghillie suits, those moss-covered suits that hunters wear to blend in with their surroundings. If all goes according to plan we will get into the ghillie suits and get in her RV before she gets back in there from her hotel and then surprise her!


Everyone knew. They took me to this bowling alley. I was like “Guys I gotta edit the Kitchen, I really don’t have time to hang out that much. Hello Harto is going live tomorrow…” And they were like “Yeah, yeah. Let’s film some behind the scenes stuff.” I’m like “Okay sure. Not gonna be able to use this but let’s do it.”

And then two people come running towards me in ghillie suits which FYI exists. And I thought in fact that it was just people that had somehow figure out we were hanging out in a random bowling alley near the airport. And so first I was like “Oh!” then it was “Too far, this is inappropriate.” And then it was “Okay, be nice.”

And then one of them rips off their mask and I was like “That girl really looks like Mamrie. I cannot wait to tell her about this terrifying event.” And then the other one rips off their mask and I hear (random noises) which is the sound Grace’s voice is slowly becoming. I was like “AHHHH!” Just sheer total shock, joy, completely floored. They did the best job surprising me. Grace was texting me pictures of Goose all day that she had saved on her phone to trick me into thinking she was still hanging out with Goose.

I’ve never been surprised like that. It was amazing. I love my friends. 

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That's Grace!

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